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Win a Suffolk Ewe Lamb
Entries Due November 1, 2015


2015 National Jr. Show Results

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Ewe Show Results

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Posted: 6/8/15
Beginning on Monday, June 8th the USSA Office will be open but with limited hours.


Junior Show
Tad and Amanda Thompson

New Award Opportunity at the 2015 National Junior Suffolk Show!
Thank you Tad & Amanda Thompson!

Silver Dollar Stewardship Award

Award: One pregnant recipient ewe carrying a confirmed pregnancy of 45 days or older by Silver Dollar 1335

Sponsor: Tad & Amanda Thompson, Silver Dollar Farm

1. Stewardship definition: the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care (Merriam/Webster Dictionary)

2. Motivation for sponsorship: As a youth showing Suffolk sheep we were not able to produce nationally competitive sheep. However, the one factor that I was always able to control was how well I cared for my animals, how well they were prepared for a show, how I conducted myself in public or around my peers, and how well I could present them in the show ring. My goal for this award is to give a Suffolk youth the opportunity to be rewarded for hard work, dedication to the project, and recognition of the example we all set to those around us.

3. The winner of the Silver Dollar Stewardship Award will receive one pregnant recipient ewe carrying a confirmed pregnancy of 45 days or older by Silver Dollar 1335. The winner is responsible for the care and management of this recipient ewe and returning her to Reproduction Specialty Group once the lamb is weaned. The pregnancy belongs to the winner.

Silver Dollar 1335 is the 2014 Reserve National Champion Suffolk ewe in the NAILE open show & the NAILE Jr Fitted Suffolk Show. Her full ET sister sold for $10,000 at the 2012 Ohio Suffolk Sale. This ewe family is one of the foundations of our flock. This is an opportunity for one of the outstanding youth of the greatest purebred sheep bred in the country to advance their flock for years to come.

4. Criteria for contest:


a. 40 Point to be awarded based on Showmanship
(including: presenting animal for exhibit, willingness to help others in and out of the ring & good sportsmanship in and out of the ring)

b. 30 points to be awarded for Pen Preparation
(aisle & pen presentation: cleanliness and welcoming others to learn about Suffolks)

c. 15 points to be awarded for Show Readiness
(cleanliness of the animals, not quality of the fit job but attempt to present the animal in the best way possible)

d. 10 points to be awarded for Animal Welfare
(water, bedding, general daily care of the animals)

e. 5 points to be awarded for proper show attire


5. Panel of 3 to select the youth.


a. Suffolk Junior Suffolk Show judge

b. National Junior coordinator

c. Executive Secretary of USSA



UJSSA Fundraiser

Attend the UJSSA Fundraiser at the Ohio Suffolk Sale in Eaton, Ohio Saturday, May 9th
Fundraising breakfast will be served at the Big Ohio Sale Weekend in Eaton Ohio on Saturday, May 9.
Free will offering which will be used to help fund the National Jr. Suffolk Show in West Springfield, MA this summer.
We would like to thank Kalmbach feeds www.formulaofchampions.com,the Minnesota Suffolk Sheep Association and the North East Suffolk Sheep Association for their major support of this fund raising event.




Ambassador Application
The United Junior Suffolk Sheep Association (UJSSA) Ambassador is to be an outstanding junior Suffolk member who will support the production of the Suffolk breed at a local, state and national level.  During their one-year term as Ambassador, he/she will have the chance to represent the UJSSA/USSA at sheep and lamb related activities, and to interact with the people and institutions that impact all phases of the sheep industry.  The Ambassador will be the “Voice of the Suffolks” for the USSA/UJSSA alike. The deadline to apply for the USSA Ambassador is June 1, 2015.

Click here for application:
PDF Version | Word Version


2015 National Junior Show
See the Junior Show page for information about this year's show!

Also, exhibitors are invited to stay through for the
North East Youth Sheep Show the following weekend www.nesheep.org

Sheep can stay put on the grounds and feeding arrangements can be made!



Make a payment
Click here to securely pay via paypal/credit card. You may also pay with credit card by calling the USSA Office.


Scholarship Winners

USSA Scholarship
There were two $1000 USSA Scholarships awarded:

Jennifer Frost of Bloomingburg, Ohio is a sophomore at The Ohio State University. Jennifer has served as the Ohio Suffolk Queen, exhibited at the Ohio State Fair and worked at the Midwest Stud Ram Sale. She is majoring in Animal Science-Animal Industries and goal is to work for the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium or the Ohio Department of Agriculture after graduation – and continue to raise Suffolk sheep.

Christopher MacCauley of Atglen, Pennsylvania is a student at The Pennsylvania State University. Chris and his family have an active Suffolk flock of about 200 brood ewes. Chris is active in the UJSSA and the National Junior Suffolk Show and currently holds the office of UJSSA President. He is majoring in Agri-Business Management also plans to attend auctioneering school; his goal is to continue raising Suffolk sheep, using his degree to bring a fresh perspective on marketing and selling.


Let’s Grow Suffolks Scholarship

Katie Frost of Bloomingburg, Ohio was awarded the $1000 Let’s Grow Suffolks Scholarship. She is a currently attending The Ohio State University, majoring in Animal Science/ Pre-Vet and hopes to attend The Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine after graduating, specializing in sheep. Katie has actively exhibited Suffolk sheep at the county and state level and worked for the Ohio State Fair and Midwest Stud Ram Sale.



Click here to view Alex's winning video.


Items For Sale
Call or email the USSA Office to place your order.
All prices listed include shipping costs.

Print - $80
Sculpture - $195 T-shirt (design shown)- $20
Sweatshirt (design shown) - $30



Sponsor Sheet
Become a 2015 National Junior Suffolk Show Sponsor Today!
Click Here to View Sponsorship Sheet



UJSSA Members are encouraged to apply for the USSA Scholarship and the Let's Grow Suffolk Scholarship.
Each of these scholarships award $1000.

The deadline to apply has been moved to October 1, 2015 - please note this change.

To see the specific guidelines for each scholarship, please review the applications below.

Let's Grow Suffolks Scholarship
PDF Version | Word Version

USSA Scholarship
PDF Version | Word Versio

2014 National Jr Suffolk Show Results

Director Application
Click below to apply to become a UJSSA director!
Deadline to apply - June 1, 2015
Word version | PDF version

Upon completion mail this form to:
United Junior Suffolk Sheep Association

PO Box 872000
Canton, MI 48187




We Moved!

United Suffolk Sheep Association
PO Box 872000
Canton, MI 48187
Office: 641.684.5291
Cell: 641.680.6509
Fax: 734-335-7646




2015 USSA Futurity
Ewe Lamb Rules

Yearling Ewe Rules

Futurity Points Record Form

Please submit your futurity points to the USSA Office.
Winners of the 2014 futurity will be announced after the NAILE Suffolk Open Show.
No points submitted to the USSA Office
42pts - Wesley Linke (SD), Kimm 14321
36pts-Raesa Zelinsky (SD), Kimm 14112
33pts - Carter Linke (SD), BarZel 4010
57pts - Jacklyn Oelke (MN), JMG 1408
58pts - Clayton Henderson (IN), Quam 4-17
57pts – Evan Arthur (IN), LynLee 14016
55pts – Madelynn Pimm (NY), Russell Sheep Co. 4020
50pts – Brady Henderson (IN), Quam 4-19
16pts – Clayton Henderson (IN), Kimm 11020-14003
14pts – Nathaniel Patti (RI), LynLee 14023 2712 (s)
10 pts – Brady Henderson (IN), MacCauley 3077
4 pts – Nathaniel Patti (RI), EB Suffolks 0302
    65pts—Tayler Wolff (ND), Quam 11192
51pts—Tayler Wolff (ND), Quam 11193



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